About Us

Holderness Logs is a subsidiary of I.M. Hodgson & Son Ltd, run by the Hodgson family based at Hall Farm, Halsham, HU12 0BT and close to the city of Hull. Holderness Logs was established by neighbouring farmer Steve Biglin in 2015. Steve built Holderness Logs to become the premier hardwood logs producer in the region, building a reputation for the finest quality firewood and unbeatable customer service. In 2019 Steve decided he would like to pursue other interests and, impressed by the reputation Holderness Logs had gained in 4 years, the Hodgson family offered to buy the business.

Like Steve, the Hodgson family have diversified their farming enterprises over recent years. Not only do they grow a range of crops and keep livestock but have also established the Great Newsome Brewery, Little Otchan Shepherds Hut and generate solar energy. The Hodgsons are dedicated to continuing Holderness Logs values of high-quality logs and exceptional customer service.

About Our Logs

Holderness Logs purchases large lorry loads of hardwood logs directly from the felling site within a 50-mile radius which are delivered to the farm. Initially, only sustainable hardwood timber has been purchased to produce a premium product. It is Holderness logs intention to continue supplying hardwood logs, however, this will depend on the availability, as sustainable softwood is more readily available.

To ensure the quality of the logs, as well as being sourced sustainably, they are seasoned naturally. The logs are initially split using a purpose-built log splitter into 2.5 to 3-metre lengths known as billets, are then stored in a covered open-sided barn. Keeping them in long lengths enables them to be easily handled using a hydraulic grab and also allows the maximum amount of airflow through when they are stacked so that they season properly.

Testing the logs for moisture content

After seasoning down to below 20%, tested using a moisture meter, they are then cut and further split to the requirements of the customer and put into ventilated bulk bags. Delivery is by a small flat back truck with a crane fitted to drop the bags where required by the customer. Supplying in bulk bags has been chosen to enable customers to get the benefits of buying in bulk for economy with the bulk bag being recyclable. There is a £5 charge for the bag which is refundable if returned, or the logs can be emptied out of the bag when delivered. Delivery is free in a 15-mile radius (Hornsea, Spurn, Hedon, East Hull).