Product FAQs

How do I order?

Orders can be placed through our online shop (click here), by calling us on 07535575579/01964 612201 option 3 or by send us an email (click here).

Are your logs sustainably sourced?
Yes, all our timber comes from UK woodlands that are sustainably managed.

What type of wood are in your bulk bags?

Our Hardwood Bulk Bags contain a mixture of kiln dried hardwoods which typically include ash, sycamore, oak, birch and beech. Our Hardwood Log Nets contain dry silver birch.

Is your seasoned hardwood ready to burn?
Yes. All our timber is kiln dried down below 20% moisture and ready to burn. This is done in an environmentally sensitive way using waste heat from a green energy plant which uses farm waste to make electricity.

Is it not better to buy naturally seasoned wood?
Not necessarily. If firewood is below 20% moisture then it doesn’t make too much difference if it has been naturally seasoned or dried. The issue is sometimes consistency and to conform with the new Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020, all fire wood must be under 20% moisture and ready to burn. This is why supplying kiln dried wood helps us guarantee this.

What is wood wool and what are the benefits?
Wood Wool is a natural based packaging material made from shredded timber which is dipped in a natural wax making them ideal for lighting fires as they are odourless.

What size are your logs?
Our standard size for logs is 8 inches. Those in the hardwood log nets are 10 inches long. If you require a different length please contact us.

How should I store them?
Our logs will keep in the delivery bag or stored in a log store ( contact us if you require a log store) they just need covering from rain.

What kind of fires are your logs suitable for?
Our logs are suitable for all types of fire, even for cooking with.

Delivery FAQs

If I place an order online how do I know when it will be delivered?

When you place an order online usually within 24 hours someone will respond with the details of the earliest possible delivery date and an approximate time of day. If this is not suitable then we will work with you to arrange a more convenient date and time. Alternatively you can add a comment/note to your online order and we will try to accommodate your request.

How much is delivery?
Delivery is free to HU11 and HU12 postcodes. Delivery to other areas varies. To find out how much it would cost to deliver to your home simply visit the Holderness Logs online shop and add your order to the basket. Then proceed to checkout and by entering your postcode delivery will be calculated for you.

Is there a minimum order value?
For HU11 and HU12 postcodes there is no minimum order value. For orders outside of that radius, the minimum order value is £45.

How will my order be delivered?
Delivery is made by a small flat back truck with a crane fitted to drop the bags where required by the customer. The crane allows the driver to lift bags over small walls and hedges or even into a garage if the truck can be placed adajacent to it. The logs can also be emptied out when delivered.

What are the delivery times?
Delivery times can be arranged to suit the customer. Our usual deliver days are Monday to Friday.

Do I need to be there when you deliver?
Not necessarily – arrangements can be made with the customer to leave the logs in a suitable place.  

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?
Yes, all prices include VAT.

Which payment options do you provide?
If not ordering online then our driver can accept cash or debit/credit cards. A card machine for payment is carried by the delivery driver.

General FAQs

What is the best way to light a fire?
Ensure that all air vents in the fireplace are open. Put the logs on the bottom of the fireplace. It is important that the wood is dry. The logs may be as thick as a fist or thicker.

Add a layer of small logs of about 4 cm, and then one or two layers of kindling. Remember that air is important – approx. 1 cm between the pieces of wood is the perfect spacing.

Put a woodwool firelighter on top of the layer of kindling wood.

The last step is easy, just light it and close the door! Some chimneys take more time to create good draught than others. If the draught is insufficient, it might be an idea to open the door to the wood stove slightly until it is properly burning. If the house or cabin is “too” insulated, you might want to open a window. The same applies if the kitchen ventilator is on.